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Kenya Power explains why Kenyans are getting fewer, expensive tokens

Kenya Power explains why Kenyans are getting fewer, expensive tokens.

Kenya Power attributed the reduction in tokens on the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority’s adjustments to fuel prices (EPRA).

The electricity utility company responded to inquiries from Kenyans on Saturday, December 10, by stating that fuel prices had increased, necessitating a price increase.

KPLC continued by saying that different economic issues that have evolved through time also had an impact on the hike.

“The regulator has adjusted the fuel cost and inflation components of the bill, hence the increase,” read the statement in part.

The increase in the fuel energy charge, which went from Ksh101.41 to Ksh104.91, caused the decrease in tokens.

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Additionally, the forex charge rose from Ksh22.45 to Ksh30.52.

However, there was a drop in the EPRA charge and inflation adjustments.

Kenyans took to social media to complain about the adjustments made by the electricity utility company.

A section of internet users also struggled to comprehend why power rates were increasing even if fuel prices had decreased over the previous two months.

Others wanted to know why Kenyans weren’t informed of the energy company’s adjustments.

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