June 14, 2024

Kenyans troll government after US YouTuber MrBeast drills 52 boreholes in Kenya “Embarrassement”

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Kenyans troll government after US YouTuber MrBeast drills 52 boreholes in Kenya "Embarrassement"

Revelation by US Youtuber MrBeast, that he drilled 52 boreholes in Kenya to help local communities access clean water has sparks reactions from Kenyans

Revelation by US Youtuber MrBeast, that he drilled 52 boreholes in Kenya to help local communities access clean water has sparks reactions from Kenyans.

Kenyans have poked holes into the government’s service delivery after American Youtuber Jimmy Donaldson alias Mr Beast built 52 dams in the country.

MrBeast shared a 10-minute video on his YouTube channel showing him actively participating in the drilling of the boreholes, which he said was done in some parts of Kenya among them Meru County. 

The famous YouTuber embarked on a mission to build 100 wells in the continent with 52 being in Kenya. 

He was shocked at the dirty water school-going children are forced to drink.  

In the video he also said he helped build and equip classrooms with computers and furniture and vowed to build a wooden bridge he came across. 

According to the content creator, such projects do not require a lot of money from the government, just people willing to help.

He urged well-wishers to continue donating funds to help construct more wells and undertake more projects to better humanity.

“These 100 wells we built in Africa will change a lot of lives but definitely not enough. That is why we need your help,” he stated.

The content creator with over 200 million subscribers on YouTube shared the journey showing the before and after of the projects.

While in the country, he also built a bridge in a local village. The bridge was in bad condition which became worse during heavy rains, hindering movement.

He also donated computers, shelves, books, footballs, whiteboards, and projectors to primary schools in the country.

MrBeastalso went to Zimbabwe, and Cameroon to build more wells and change the lives of the locals.  

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The video however attracted attention worldwide, with many Kenyans ridiculing government for being outshined by a foreigner. 

A section of Kenyans complained that politicians use more resources to launch projects rather than the total amount spent on the projects themselves.

They also expressed fears some local leaders may take credit for Donaldson’s projects.

“Someone keep an eye on the leaders, they may go to launch these wells,” one commented.

Others also trolled President William Ruto who earlier launched dirty tap water in Kirinyaga and recommissioning old projects.

“Mr Beast has done what our leaders should have done long ago. Kenya alone cries of water shortage yet there is a solution,” a Kenyan commented.

Another said MrBeast ‘has embarrassed the entire political class’ from what he has done.

One Edgar Bwire said: “The fact that the American-based YouTuber MrBeast built all those wells without any publicity from the media should tell you a thing or two. Our political leaders walk with cameras launching toilets and already existing projects. If they are trying so much to show that they are working then they’re not working. It’s that simple!”

@MrRightKe added: “52 wells, A bridge, projectors, computers, Desks that’s what MR Beast Singlehandedly did for Kenya, am sure he did more kushinda Kenye imefanywa na governors wote hii mwaka.”

@Onorpik further said: “It’s good the media and govt didn’t get wind of what Mr Beast was doing in Kenya. Politicians would have demanded their cut, GOK officials would have hit them with permits and bribes to approve them. President Ruto would have demanded a Photo op and taken credit for inviting him.”

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