Klopp issues a sarcastic response to Todd Boehly’s idea for Premier League All-Star fixture

Klopp has sarcastically responded to Todd Boehly’s idea for Premier League All-Star fixture amid backlash

The Liverpool boss was unimpressed by the Chelsea owner’s idea of the Premier League all-star.

Jurgen Klopp is unsure if the idea is conceivable warning the American billionaire that football is ‘completely different’ to sports popular sports in the United States.

Klopp’s statement comes amid the fierce rivalries in England, locally and regionally

During his Tuesday speech at the SALT conference in New York, Boehly suggested a “North vs. South” match to collect money for the English football pyramid. 

Additionally, he recommended replacing the present three-team automatic relegation system with a four-team mini-tournament.

In the three most popular sports in the United States—basketball, baseball, and American football—an “all-star” notion is already present.

The Premier League will need to decide where clubs from the midlands qualify before further discussion of Boehly’s proposal can take place.

Jurgen Klopp’s sarcastic response 

Following Liverpool’s 2-1 win over Ajax in the Champions League, Klopp was informed of Boehly’s ideas and offered a sarcastic reply. 

The German said: “He hasn’t waited long! Oh great, when he finds a date for that, he can call me.

“He forgets that in the big sports in America, these players have four-month breaks and they are quite happy they can do a little bit of sport in these breaks. It is completely different in football.

“What can I say? Does he want to bring the Harlem Globetrotters as well and let them play against a football team?”

“I am surprised by the question so please don’t judge my answers too much,” Klopp added, as he explored Boehly’s idea further. “Maybe he can explain it to me at one point and find a proper date. I’m not sure people want to see that.

“Imagine that – United players, Liverpool players, Everton players all together on one team. It’s not the national team, it’s just the northwest and the northeast together and the south?

“Ok, north versus south means northeast and Newcastle. Interesting game And all the London guys together – Arsenal, Tottenham, great. Did he really say it? Great.”

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