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KNUT calls for a review of overlapping mandates between TSC and the Ministry of Education 

Review of overlapping education policies in the Ministry of Education and TSC (Teachers Service Commission). 

The Ministry of Education has revealed plans to review policies with overlapping mandates.

According to a report by the education sector working group, the policies cut across the basic education sector to higher education.

The laws include the TSC Act 2012 and Basic Education Act 2013.

While in higher education, The University Act 2012, TVET Act 2013, and KNQA Act 2014 contradict.

“Review and harmonize various Acts that at times contradicts and conflict with each other and impact negatively on service delivery,” the report reads.

While making presentations to the education review team, primary school teachers also called for a review of laws that overlapped with each other.

Collins Oyuu, secretary general of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT), claimed that tasks for quality assurance standards are duplicated between TSC and the ministry.

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He added that the TSC and ministry’s respective charters clearly state their respective missions.

“However both TSC and ministry have established an Inspectorate Department/ Division thus duplicating roles,” Oyuu said.

“Quality Assurance and Standards should be undertaken by an external independent body for objectivity,” he said.

He also highlighted a clash of mandates in developing content for Teachers’ Professional Development.

TPD seeks to help teachers renew their professional certificates after every five years.

“Designing and dictating the content for the TPD curriculum is a mandate of KICD,” he said.

The teachers will now be required to undertake in-service professional training lasting for five years and get their certificates renewed.

The professional development will run for 30 years and has six modules each lasting five years.

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