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Man commits suicide after killing wife and hiding her body on the roof

Man dies by suicide after he reportedly killed his wife and hide her body on the of their house.

The incident in which a man beat and killed his wife, then concealed her body on the roof of their house and committed suicide, has left residents of the Lukume region in Kakamega County’s Malava constituency stunned.

The deceased man had claimed that his wife was having extramarital encounters before the catastrophe.

The man is said to have killed his wife in an argument that ensued following a confrontation over infidelity. 

According to reports, the man identified as Isaiah, 47, had returned home from his work in the Nanyuki area.

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“They started arguing in the house and after some time, the woman admitted that in the husband’s absence, there’s a man that sleeps in their matrimonial bed and that she has also paid him several visits,” a resident said.

He alleged that he discovered communication between his wife and her extramarital partner through her mobile phone. 

The Kakamega County Police Commander, Joseph Kigen, confirmed that an investigation is underway and that they are awaiting the results of an autopsy on the bodies, which were moved to the Kakamega General Hospital mortuary.

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