May 24, 2024

Man dies after swallowing two packets of drugs to hide from police

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A Nigerian man collapsed and died instantly after swallowing two packets of drugs to hide from the police.

The man swallowed two packets of crystal meth in an attempt to hide the drugs from approaching police officers.

The police sported a car by the roadside where it looked like a drug deal was taking place. The Police spokesperson Wayne Minnaar said.

“Officers approached the car. There was a chase, and officers blocked the car after. 

The driver had crystal meth in his possession and said he was working for his brother. 

The police then proceeded to the brother’s house (the deceased).

Upon seeing his younger brother with officers, he ran inside his premises and swallowed a packet of drugs. 


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He took a second packet swallowed that too.

The man collapsed immediately after swallowing the drugs. He died even before the paramedics arrived.

Thereafter, a group of men came and attacked the officers, who then called for backup.

Two male suspects from the group of foreign nationals were also arrested and charged for interference with police duties and for inciting violence at the scene.

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