June 14, 2024

Manager Rangnick addresses ‘squad unrest’ with United players ‘mocking coach’ and calling his tactics “old-fashioned”

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Manager Rangnick has addressed reports of unrest among his quad with United players ‘mocking coach’ and calling his tactics “old-fashioned.”.

Following reports of Manchester United squad unrest, Ralf Rangnick said there was nothing to disclose.

United players are said to be disgruntled and perplexed by their temporary coach’s training techniques.

There have also been rumors that assistant coach Chris Armas has been given the nickname Ted Lasso after a famous TV character.

According to ESPN, some members of the United team believe Rangnick’s training sessions are outdated.

Armas, rather than Rangnick, is said to take the majority of coaching sessions.

Some members of the first squad have compared Armas to the hit American show’s humorous character Lasso.

At his news conference on Friday, Rangnick was asked directly about both his training and the Lasso comparison.

He, on the other hand, said he had nothing to say about it and insisted that his training methods were the greatest in the world at preparing his players.

Manager Rangnick said: “Nothing to be honest. I haven’t read any newspapers or read those articles.

“The way we have developed is obvious, tactically, and this is due to the work we do in training, both on the pitch but also if we do the video analysis with them.”

Rangnick was also asked about the form of Cristiano Ronaldo, who was dropped for the trip to Burnley.

But the German insisted his team as a whole must score more goals, not just the Portugal superstar.

“It’s not only about Cristiano Ronaldo,” he added.

“We should score more goals, it’s obvious, I think we are creating enough chances and enough opportunities in the last couple of games but we just didn’t score enough goals, but this is not only an issue with Cristiano, it’s an issue with the other players, especially the offensive players. We don’t score enough goals.

“If you bear in mind how many chances we create, and this is also something that needs to get better in the next couple of weeks.

“At Burnley, in 70 of those 90 minutes, it was very, very, very close to the game plan we spoke before the game and now it’s about rewarding ourselves and also getting the results we should deserve.”

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