May 24, 2024

Manchester United addresses Ronaldo captaincy claim amid Harry Maguire criticism

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Ronaldo captaincy claim, Manchester United boss Ralf Rangnick has addressed the claim that Cristiano Ronaldo should be made the captain 

Harry Maguire, the current United captain has had a run of poor performances since Euro 2020, coming under fire for his leadership of his team on the pitch.

The England international was chosen United captain less than six months after his record-breaking move from Leicester City, but many felt it was a hasty choice.

The 28-year-old has struggled to live up to the expectations that come with being United’s captain on the field and has been mocked for his many apologies for the team’s bad performances.

Ralf Rangnick has stated his opinion on the captaincy of Manchester United.

Former United player Rio Ferdinand also believes that Rangnick needs to strip Maguire of the captaincy in order for the defender to rediscover his form.

“I think he was given it too early,” Ferdinand told his Vibe with FIVE podcasts.

“It’s a hard enough job coming into Manchester United, getting your feet under the table and starting to feel comfortable as it is without the added pressure of being captain.

“Being captain is a massive responsibility, there is history that goes with it, a big weight on your shoulders. You need to experience being there for a period of time to carry that weight.

“It was more important for Maguire to come in and concentrate on becoming a Manchester United mainstay than being captain.”

Christiano Ronaldo captaincy claim 

Ronaldo, who has extensive captaincy experience, is the most likely choice to succeed Maguire.

Ronaldo has been appointed captain once since his return to Old Trafford in the summer transfer window, for the defeat to Wolves.

For United’s defeat to Wolves, Cristiano Ronaldo was chosen captain, with some demanding for him to wear the armband full-time.

However, Rangnick has insisted that Ronaldo will only be handed the armband if Maguire is unavailable.

He instead called on Ronaldo to lead in a different way.

“Right now, I don’t see a reason to do that, because Harry has been the captain so far, and as long as Harry is playing, he will be the captain,” Rangnick said.

“If he’s not playing, then someone else will have to be the captain. This can change from game to game, depending on who is playing.

“It’s not only Cristiano we have. Edinson, we have. Harry, we have, quite a few other older players, David de Gea in goal, Victor Lindelof, Bruno [Fernandes].

“We have enough experienced older players who can not only be role models themselves in training, on the pitch, and in games.

“But also in all those conversations that happen in the locker room or when they are together in the hotel for away games or home games, this has to happen.”

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