May 20, 2024

Miguna hits out at Ruto’s economic advisor David Ndii over his economic recovery strategy ‘guesswork’ remarks

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Miguna hits out at Ruto's economic advisor David Ndii over his economic recovery strategy 'guesswork' remarks

Miguna takes on David Ndii, President Ruto's economic advisor over 'it might work or fail' remark on the economic recovery strategy

Miguna takes on David Ndii, President Ruto’s economic advisor over ‘it might work or fail’ remark on the economic recovery strategy.

Lawyer Miguna Miguna reacted angrily to comments made by the head of the government’s economic consultants, David Ndii, that seemed to imply that Kenya Kwanza’s economic recovery strategy was only a hunch.

Ndii made the claim during a discussion with users of the social media platform X who wanted to know whether the long-term outlook for the economy would improve despite increased taxes or if things would grow worse.

“But why do we have an Sh74 tax per litre? Why can’t we cushion the shocks not by subsidies but by reducing taxes? Deductions have increased on salaries and on top of that fuel is not cushioned. How will we survive,” one Imran Sokwala asked.

Ndii objected to this proposal saying “And how do we pay debt?”.

“Question is, will it get better or will it get progressively worse for the ten years you guys are going to be in power,” asked @bwabiroy.

To this, Ndii said, “May be better may be worse, who knows. We do what we think can work if it isn’t too bad. Doctors lose patients all the time despite their best efforts”.

However, unimpressed Miguna termed the response “pathetic” coming from a man entrusted with advising the government on strategic economic policies.

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The outspoken lawyer said that the President’s economic team needs strategies, plans, and programs for both short- and long-term solutions to Kenya’s intractable issues.

“Unless we are speaking about voodoo economics,” he said.

“If they have no practical strategies and plans, or they do not know whether those strategies and plans will work, then they should say so to the President and let him choose other qualified Kenyans to help steer the Ship,” Miguna said.

“But for the Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors to premise his economic strategies and plans for the country on the basis of speculation and “it might work or fail, who knows?” is to take Kenyans for fools,” he added.

Miguna said it’s incumbent upon the government of the day to come up with practical solutions to citizens’ problems as opposed to “smugly” dismissing their concerns.

Miguna said Kenyans are sick and tired of hearing the same old failed economic policies and “deserve to hear respectful diagnosis and treatment plan from their Doctors of Economics and National Planning”.

“That’s not too much for them to ask for. Is it? he posed.

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