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Mudavadi, Prime Cabinet Secretary nominee reveals he’s worthy KSh4bn, own exclusive aircraft and property in Riverside

Mudavadi, Prime Cabinet Secretary nominee reveals he’s worthy KSh4bn, own exclusive aircraft, office space, and property in Riverside in Nairobi.

Nominee for the Prime Cabinet Secretary post Musalia Mudavadi says his net worth is Sh4 billion.

While appearing before the National Assembly appointments committee Monday, Mudavadi who was the first nominee to appear for vetting told the committee that this was inclusive of his rental income and dividends.

“If I take my investments in shares in various companies and also the properties I own I would put my net worth at about Sh4 billion,” he said.

“This income emanates from dividends, rental income, interest and other expenses that come from the farm,” he added.

During the vetting, Leader of Majority in the National Assembly Kimani Ichung’wa put Mudavadi to task on the potential conflict of interest should the government seek to lease his properties. 

“Hon. Musalia on page 4 of the document you provided, looking at the net worth and the schedule you submitted, I see you have an interest in an aircraft with exclusive air services.”

“You have properties in Riverside, from where you earn your rental income and other office spaces you have also indicated. Supposing the government leased any of these properties, would that tend to conflict of interest,” Ichung’wa posed.

“Clearly, there are procedures in law that would make full disclosure under such circumstances if they did arise,” Mudavadi responded. 

Opiyo Wandayi who is the House’s Leader of Minority, also sought Mudavadi to explain a past graft case in 2007 where the defunct Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission accused him of fraudulently acquiring properties in Woodley estate in Nairobi. 

“Woodley estate is a property that belongs to Nairobi County government. I’ve stayed in Woodley and my family has always had that premises. To this day, we pay rent to the Nairobi County government. At no time has that property been transferred. The Kenya Anti-corruption body at that time had not verified the facts. I ended up seeking legal redress on my part and charging for defamation against the anti-graft body for producing misleading information,” Mudavadi responded. 

Musalia Mudavadi who is also leader of the Amani National Congress – ANC party affirmed that he had relinquished his role as the party leader. 

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