National oil company to start importing 30% of fuel to avert fuel crisis in future- CS Juma

National oil company to start importing 30% of fuel to avert fuel crisis in future; Energy Cabinet secretary Monicah Juma has said.

The state oil firm will be granted tender to ship in 30 percent of Kenya’s monthly fuel imports to reduce dependency on independent oil marketers.

Energy Cabinet secretary said the government will also build a strategic national petroleum reserve.

The proposal aims at giving Nock exclusive rights to import a third of all fuel products into the country.

“The Petroleum Products Quota Allocation shall be imported by the National Oil Corporation of Kenya,” reads draft regulations published by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA). 

The Energy Cabinet secretary said granting the National oil company 30% importation is part of a long-term plan to avert future fuel crises such as the one currently being experienced.

“Plans are at an advanced stage to ensure Nock resumes its full mandate of controlling the petroleum sector which is key to the country’s economic performance,” Juma said. 

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“Private dealers are not loyal and can no longer be trusted. We are going to ensure Nock meets the required quota. We are looking at how to develop a national reserve to be managed by the agency.” 

Speaking in a media briefing on Thursday in Nairobi Juma vowed to act on marketers and retailers breaching set regulations in the petroleum sub-sector. 

”The country has enough fuel capacity to last the next 18 days. The current crisis is artificial,” she said.

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