May 24, 2024

“Occupy Your Dusty Office or Resign” Jubilee Party Responds to William Ruto’s ‘Lamentations’ on Fuel Crisis

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Jubilee Party has responded to Deputy President William Ruto in which he accused the government of being insensitive to the high cost of living. 

In his presser on Monday, April 4, Ruto accused President Uhuru Kenyatta of shifting focus to the politics around his succession at the expense of finding a solution to the plight of Kenyans. 

Ruto dismissed Uhuru’s argument that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was the reason for the countrywide shortage of fuel. 

“In the midst of this distressing crisis, the loudest messages from public officials including ministers are centred on BBI reggae and Azimio jingle bells and whistles,” said Ruto. 

Jubilee Party secretary-general Jeremiah Kioni said it was hypocritical of the deputy president to slam the government in which he serves as the second in command. 

He accused the deputy president of capitalizing on the Kenyans’ suffering for his political expediency. 

He called on Ruto to substantively assume his administrative roles as the president’s principal assistant or quit the government and lead the opposition. 

“He convened a press briefing to read from his book of lamentations. It is sad that despite him being the second in command in the government, he has become a serial complainer instead of offering practical solutions to Kenyans. It is hypocritical of him to stand on the staircase of a government house, enjoying government security and staffing only to insult the same government he should be serving. Ruto has two clear choices, to occupy his dusty Harambee House and help the president dispense his mandate to Kenyans, as he constitutionally should, or resign from his position and lead the opposition,” partly read the ruling party’s statement.

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