Raila questions Ruto’s ‘roadside’ decision in revoking recognition of the Sahrawi Republic

Raila Odinga has questioned William Ruto’s decision of denunciation of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) just a day after being sworn into office.

The Azimio leader described Ruto’s move to rescind Kenya’s recognition of Sahrawi as unconstitutional since it lacked the backing of a resolution by the Cabinet.

Raila added that the onesided move paints Kenya in a bad light to the international community.

“To sever relations with the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic is unconstitutional since it was done without the approval of the Cabinet,” Raila stated.

“The unilateral decisions are hurting the image of Kenya,” Raila added.

He acknowledged the importance of Kenya-Morocco ties adding that he was only concerned by the proclamation of decisions of such a magnitude through what he termed as “roadside declarations” by the Head of State.

Ruto on Wednesday, September 14, declared that Kenya does not recognize Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) as an independent state.

He added that plans were also underway to cut all ties with the state including shutting down its embassy located in the Kilimani area.

“At State House in Nairobi, received a congratulatory message from His Majesty King Mohammed VI. Kenya rescinds its recognition of the SADR and initiates steps to wind down the entity’s presence in the country,” the president said in a tweet that has since been deleted.

The major diplomatic stand came a day after the country’s president Brahim Ghali flew to Kenya to attend the inauguration ceremony held at Kasarani Stadium.

The denunciation was his first upending on foreign policy, hours after being sworn in as president. 

Kenya is among 41 UN member states which recognize Sahrawi and has been at the forefront of championing the de-escalation of the conflict between Sahrawi and Morocco.

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