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Raila should step back from politics and let the country progress; former aide, Jakakimba 

Raila former aide, Silas Jakakimba call on the Azimio leader to step back from politics and let Kenya progress.

Speaking on KTN, Jakakimba said Raila is at a point where he can serve the African continent in other capacities, and he should explore that.

The former top advisor and personal assistant to Raila claimed that the opposition leader’s legacy was already firmly established in the history of the nation.

“I think we just need to appreciate him (Raila Odinga) and let him be. I strongly feel he needs to step back and just let Kenya flow… This is what I genuinely feel and just go serve Africa in another capacity. He has a legacy,” Jakakimba said.

Jakakimba said he currently supports President William Ruto and he is confident that the head of state will deliver on his promise to Kenyans.

He, however, said that this can only be done if Ruto works hard to see that the current pressing issues like the economy are attended to.

“Baba has his legacy but currently I support William Ruto unconditionally and I have my reasons for that and I believe he’s going to deliver. He’s on the seat and I can tell you from where I sit he deliberately means well and wants the best for this country,” he said.

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“But I still also think as Jakakimba that he has to work hard to make it work for the country. The economy, attendant issues, cohesion, and all these things. That way, he will get his legacy. Baba has a legacy and that is why I feel he needs to step back and chill, and I’ve told him this much.” 

Jakakimba broke ranks with Raila following his loss in the 2022 presidential election to President William Ruto.

His support for Ruto was regarded as a betrayal by many Raila supporters, but according to him, that was not the case.

Silas Jakakimba in March resigned as an advisor to Mr Odinga after he fell out with his daughter Winnie Odinga.

The former aide to Mr Odinga had called out Winnie Odinga for allegedly insulting him as he maintained that he demanded respect from her.

In a series of tweets, the lawyer accused Ms Winnie of insulting him for taking a photo with President Ruto.

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