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Russian Embassy responds to reports over Ruto’s Govt selling donated fertiliser

Russian Embassy in Kenya has responded to reports that it flagged William Ruto’s Govt selling donated fertiliser.

A day after DP Gachagua reported Ksh3.5 billion in subsidised fertilizer on September 21, reports stating that Ruto’s government sold donated fertilizer went viral.

According to Gachagua, the action was intended to help farmers during the planting season and lower long-term living expenses.

In his speech at his September 13 inauguration, Ruto made a promise to Kenyans that included distributing fertiliser at a reduced price.

Ruto dropped the price of fertilizer during his inauguration from Ksh6,500 to Ksh3,500 for a 50 kg bag.

However, the Russian Embassy in Kenya denied the reports that it flagged President William Ruto’s government for selling donated fertiliser.

In a statement dated Friday, September 23, the embassy stated that the fake reports that had gone viral on social media did not emanate from them.

The Embassy called on Kenyans to verify the information before circulating the statement on various social media platforms.

“Many fake reports on Russian fertilizers are circulating on local social media. The Embassy of the Russian Federation hereby requests all users to verify information on fertilizers in Kenya on official media resources of the Embassy,” read the statement in part.

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In the fake statement, Russian company Uralchem had reportedly recalled its donated fertiliser as a punitive measure. 

“Uralchem runs an anti-corruption policy that applies to all of its entities. The document is aligned with the Federal Law ‘On combating corruption. The policy defines and regulates the key requirements for the Company’s relations with counterparties, partners, and government bodies. This policy is binding on all.

“We, therefore, with immediate effect recall the sale of our donations and ask Kenyan farmers to boycott all efforts to sell our donations in the Kenyan market,” read the statement in part.

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