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Ruto economic advisor responds to Omtatah over Ksh 17B fuel controversy

Ruto economic advisor David Ndii says Omtatah did not have tangible evidence on his claim on Ksh 17B fuel controversy.

President William Ruto’s economic advisor David Ndii on Sunday broke his silence over the Ksh17 billion fuel importation saga that hit national headlines last week.

In response, Ndii asserted that the Senator was acting based only on instincts and lacked concrete proof to back up his claims.

According to Ndii, the only thing that matters in financial matters is the facts, unlike in legal situations.

Ndii asserts that the Senator Omtatah was just depending on a hoax supported by the KSh17 billion paid in June.

“He asserts this is ‘no coincidence’ meaning people could forecast price and xrate three months ahead. In June the cargo would’ve cost Ksh14 billion,” he stated.

According to Ndii, some of the payments alleged by Omtatah were approved by Parliament with the beneficiaries widely highlighted by the media.

“The payments were approved by Parliament. It was reported in the media, Okiya Omtatah is dishonest,” Ndii stated.

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Ndii response comes after Omtatah on Saturday published documents poking holes into the position taken by government officials in the saga.

Omtatah claimed that Energy Cabinet Secretary Davis Chirchir and his Transport counterpart Kipchumba Murkomen were involved with Ann Njeri Njoroge before falling out with her, leading to the debacle stressing that they’re part of the scam.

“I have reasons to suspect that Njeri who from all indications could not have raised the Ksh17 billion, which was used to purchase the fuel. The contested shipment of oil is the product being used to launder the money,” the Senator alleged.

Omtatah alleged that millions were illegally added to the Supplementary budget adding,” Such budgeted corruption is in the bone of Kenya, our beloved country.”

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