May 20, 2024

Ruto to have an expanded government compared to his predecessor after increasing the number of state departments

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Ruto to have an expanded government compared to his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta after increasing the number of state departments.

In comparison to his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta, President William Ruto will have a bigger executive thanks to the appointment of seven additional principal secretaries (PSs).

With PSs among the public sector’s top earners, this will result in taxpayers forking up at least Sh321 million more in salary alone over the next five years.

This does not include the hundreds of millions that will go on lavish benefits including housing, travel, and entertainment expenses, as well as health insurance.

President Ruto made changes to his administration, bringing the total number of state departments from 42 during the Uhuru Kenyatta administration to 49.

The unveiling of the new state departments came after the President named his new-look Cabinet.

The new development comes at a time when the country is grappling with a high cost of living, runaway public debt, and drought. 

PSs earn Sh765,188 in gross monthly salary according to the new pay structure announced by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC). 

Using the new salaries, the seven additional PSs will cost Sh5.4 million more every month or Sh64.2 million annually for the next five years.

Ruto’s expanded government

Medical Services and Public Health will be the two state departments under the Ministry of Health, which formerly had just one.

There will now be three state agencies under the National Administration and Interior Ministries.

Government Coordination will now be a state department under the Office of the Prime Cabinet Secretary headed by Amani National Congress leader Musalia Mudavadi.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been divided into two state departments, which are now known as Foreign Affairs and Diaspora Affairs.

The Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing, Urban Development, and Public Works has been rejigged to read Ministry of Roads, Transport, and Public Works with three departments —Roads, Transport and Public Works.

The split of the giant Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development will give it three state departments in Lands and Physical Planning, Housing and Urban Development.

Trade, Investment, and Industry ministry will have three departments from two in the previous government. 

These are just some of the rejigged ministries that have brought about the additional number of state departments in the Ruto administration.

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Ruto’s plan for the appointment of 49 Principal Secretaries

Breakdown on how the ministries will be given Principal secretaries.

State Department Prime Cabinet Secretary

  1. Government Coordination


  1. Defence

Interior and National Administration

  1. Internal Security and National Administration
  2. Correctional Services
  3. Citizen Services


  1. Basic Education
  2. TVET
  3. Higher Education and Research

Mining, the Blue Economy, and Maritime Affairs

  1. Mining
  2. The Blue Economy
  3. Shipping and Maritime Affairs

Trade, Investment, and Industry

  1. Trade
  2. Investment Promotion
  3. Industry

Roads, Transport and Public Works

  1. Roads
  2. Transport
  3. Public Works

Lands, Housing and Urban Development

  1. Lands and Physical Planning
  2. Housing
  3. Urban Development

National Treasury and Economic Planning

  1. Finance
  2. Economic Planning

Foreign and Diaspora Affairs

  1. Foreign Affairs
  2. Diaspora Affairs

Public Service, Gender, and Affirmative Action

  1. Public Service
  2. Gender and Affirmative Action

Information, Communications, and the Digital Economy

  1. Broadcasting and Telecommunications
  2. ICT and The Digital Economy


  1. Medical Services
  2. Public Health

Agriculture and Livestock Development

  1. Crop Development
  2. Livestock Development

Co-operatives and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMES) Development

  1. Cooperatives
  2. MSMEs Development

Youth Affairs, Sports and the Arts

  1. Youth Affairs
  2. Sports and The Arts

Environment and Forestry

  1. Environment
  2. Forestry

Tourism, Wildlife, and Heritage

  1. Tourism and Wildlife
  2. Culture and Heritage

Water, Sanitation, and Irrigation

  1. Water and Sanitation
  2. Irrigation

Energy and Petroleum

  1. Energy
  2. Petroleum

Labour and Social Protection

  1. Labour and Skills Development
  2. Social Security and Protection

East African Community (EAC), Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALS), and Regional Development

  1. EAC Affairs
  2. ASALs and Regional Development

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