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Ruto under pressure to dissolve Govt entities created by Uhuru Kenyatta

Ruto under pressure from the Council of Governors to dissolve Govt entities created by former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

President William Ruto has been urged to dismantle three government entities established by former president Uhuru Kenyatta by the Council of Governors (CoG).

The National Syndemic Diseases Control Authority, Kenya Tissue and Transplant Authority, and Kenya National Public Health Institute were among the organizations that risked the possibility of a shutdown.

As health is a devolved function, CoG asserted that the authorities were established to undermine counties.

“The Ministry of Health established the authorities through Executive Orders issued by the former President a few months to August 9, General Election.”

“This was a deliberate sabotage whereby the national government creates institutions to undertake devolved functions,” Waiguru complained.

The governors requested Ruto to audit all projects initiated by his predecessor that touch on the health sector and other devolved functions.

“CoG requests the President to audit all laws passed before the inception of devolution in 2013 and also post-2013- to determine if they undermine devolution,” Waiguru spoke on behalf of the governors.

The authorities being called for dissolution were initiated to enhance service delivery in the health sector.

In order to oversee and coordinate public health activities in Kenya, the former president Uhuru Kenyatta founded the Kenya National Public Health Institute in 2021.

National Syndemic Diseases Control Authority was created on August 2022, when Uhuru restructured the National Aids Control Council.

The Syndemic Authority was given the responsibility of coordinating responses to HIV/Aids, STDs, malaria, TB, leprosy, and lung diseases.

On the other hand, Kenya Tissue and Transplant Authority were created by Uhuru on August 2022 to replace the Department of the National Blood Transfusion, Tissue, and Human Organ Transplant Services.

The authority was mandated to ensure donors’ and recipients’ safety, biosafety, and well-being in medical services relating to human-derived medical products.

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