Ruto’s ally Aden Duale now claims Uhuru conned Raila Odinga

Uhuru conned Raila Odinga according to William Ruto’s ally and Garissa Member of National Assembly Adan Duale.

Former National Assembly majority leader Adan Duale claims that former Prime Minister Raila Odinga was duped by outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta.

According to a statement released by Duale on September 7th, Uhuru conned Raila Odinga by promising to provide votes for the Mt. Kenya region by using state resources.

The Garissa Town MP’s statement came after President Uhuru Kenyatta chaired a Parliamentary Group meeting of the Azimio La Umoja Coalition in Maasai Lodge.

Uhuru vowed to hand over power with joy in his speech, but he reaffirmed that Odinga will continue to be his leader.

“It is baffling that Uhuru conned Raila that he will deliver Mt. Kenya votes and would deploy the deep state to overturn the will of the people,” Duale stated.

Aden Duale lambasted President Uhuru for naming Raila as his leader, claiming that by doing so, the departing head of state is assuaging his ego and fostering hopeless optimism.

He claimed that it is obvious that President Uhuru is reeling from a crushing defeat and living in denial by claiming that Odinga is his leader in a subtly critical remark directed at the departing head of state

“It’s perplexing that he now refers to the 5th time loser as his leader to soothe his ego and perpetuate hopeless optimism,”

“Evidently, the outgoing President is reeling from devastating defeat and living in denial. By asserting that Tinga is his leader, he clearly has refused to move on and is looking at the future with a rearview mirror,”

Additionally, Duale stated that Kenyans made a choice that was affirmed, validated, and legitimized by Independent Institutions. He also warned Odinga, that there will be no mock swearing in Ruto’s administration.

“We wish to remind him that there shall be no mock swearing in the new administration,”

He further accused President Uhuru who is the Azimio Council Chairman of trying to give hope to Raila with a semblance to that of the people’s President

“Kenya has been uprooted and totally obliterated from the politics of deceit. The outgoing president who is the face of the facade that’s Azimio is trying to give a vain hope to the vanquished opposition boss a semblance of leadership akin to the people’s President.”

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