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Safaricom unveils USDD code to shield from SIM-swap fraud

SIM-swap fraud cases have been rampant with several Safaricom subscribers losing millions of shillings to fraudsters. 

The scammers have been registering active phone numbers on different SIM cards, allowing them to intercept notifications, passwords, and banking profiles of their victims.

However, Safaricom has now unveiled a USSD code to protect its subscribers from SIM-swap fraud.

Safaricom subscribers wil be able to dial the code and whitelist their mobile phone numbers.

 The code, *100*100#OK, lock the subscribers’ number in that no one else can replace it from any agent shop without their knowledge. 

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“This is a service that ensures that a customer’s line/SIM card can only be replaced by visiting a Safaricom Shop or Care desk with your ID, or by calling Safaricom customer care,” Safaricom said.

The SIM card will now only be replaced by visiting the Safaricom shop and not agent in person with their national identification card or by calling the company’s customer care. 

Other ways of protecting yourself from fraudulent practices are, to activate the Two-factor authentication on all the available mobile money apps and mobile banking. 

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