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The day Raila was twice rescued from the hands of death prior to the elections

Raila Odinga was twice rescued from the hands of death in his recovery from the Covid-19 attack.

Winnie Odinga, the last-born child of the ODM leader has lifted the lid on one of the family’s most-guarded secrets in an emotional interview with Sunday Nation.

Winnie Odinga narrated how she twice rescued her father, Raila from the hands of death just in the nick of time as he recovered from the Covid-19 attack.

The ODM leader had earlier been hospitalized to the Nairobi Hospital, where he had many tests and was kept under monitoring before being eventually freed to return home and place himself in self-quarantine in one of his rooms.

According to his daughter, the ODM leader spent the next days weak and alone in bed. 

The severity of his sickness forced him to cancel a State House ceremony to commemorate the third anniversary of his handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta on March 9, 2018.

And even after he pulled through from the death scare, Raila Odinga was weak as aptly observed by former Meru County Governor, Kiraitu Murungi, who in one of his newspaper articles in April last year wrote, “I watched with pity, a frail-Raila Odinga, who was being treated for a Covid-19 attack being literally dragged out of bed,” Kiraitu Murungi observed with reference to a public event attended by Raila and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Then, the former premier was almost inaudible as he spoke.

It is while in his isolation room that Raila nearly passed away. Winnie recalls how she walked into the room to find an oxygen mask had dropped off from her father’s face.

In panic and haste, she picked and fixed it back, quickly restoring the condition of the patient, who only seconds earlier lay helpless gasping for breath.

At another point, she stepped into the isolation room to find the father looking blank and motionless. 

His temperature had terribly shot and she quickly stashed paracetamol tablets into his mouth with a view to reducing his body temperature. 

Medical experts contend that this was yet another timely life-saving measure.

The thought of what would have happened to the political bigwig had she delayed – even by a couple of seconds – to access that room in both instances, sends shivers to Winnie. 

To date, she narrates this incident rather forlornly with her head facing down.

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