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“There’s something rotten” at the club, Gary Neville calls Glazers after club’s 4-0 thrashing at hands of Liverpool

Gary Neville calls Glazers to leave Manchester United after club’s 4-0 thrashing at hands of Liverpool.

Gary Neville calls Glazers to leave Old Trafford following Man Utd’s 4-0 thrashing at Liverpool; “Out of respect, don’t take money out of a business when the core activity of the business is failing. 

They must go,” says Neville

He pleaded with Glazers to sell Manchester United saying “there’s something rotten” at the club.

United were dominated by Liverpool with Ralf Rangnick calling the defeat “humiliating” as their bid to finish in the top four of the Premier League.

Neville admitted players and managers at the club deserved criticism, but that “repeated failure over a 10-year period”, along with the dividends Glazers continue to take out of the club, means it is time for them to leave Old Trafford.

Speaking on the Gary Neville Podcast, the former United defender set out his grievances against the American family that has owned the club since 2005 in the wake of a defeat to Liverpool that he described as a “shambles”.

They (the Glazers) are taking dividends out of the football club. No good business, when the core activity of that business is failing miserably, when the cash has been depleted over the last three years to the levels that it has, continue to take money out.

Out of respect, don’t take money out of a business when the core activity of the business is failing, when the stadium needs hundreds of millions spending on it, when the training ground needs money spending on it, when the team needs money spending on it, when they need a manager who’s paid a handsome wage to compete with [Jurgen] Klopp, [Pep] Guardiola and [Thomas] Tuchel – don’t you take money out of that club. 

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The culture is set from the very top. There’s something rotten. This has been 10 years of poor decision-making, of repeated failure, of lack of investment into the stadium. 

They’ve invested into the football team, I’ll give them that, but not with their own money.

You’ve watched those Manchester United players all season, blaming each other, blaming the manager, not clapping the fans. You’ve seen the owners not turn up. 

The culture of every club is set at the top.

The players out there [against Liverpool] were an absolute shambles. 

That first half, I couldn’t be any more damning. I’m never going to say they’re not fit to wear the shirt, it’s too emotional. They’re good players, some of those lads. 

But the players have let themselves down, they’ve let the fans down.

Tuesday night was a low. 

Even the worst Liverpool team we played against, we never got a game as easy as that.

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