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Uhuru on Ruto’s slapping threats, “I could have given him the other cheek”

Uhuru responds on Ruto’s slapping threats, confirming that he had thought of going back to his Gatundu home after the nullification of the 2017 election results.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has for the first time opened up a leaked audio clip that captured his deputy, William Ruto, allegedly saying that he almost slapped him.

Uhuru said he was willing to stand down in 2017 after the Supreme Court ruled out his victory while speaking at a meeting with religious leaders on Friday, July 8 at State House.

The Head of State stated that he would not tolerate carnage in the nation over an election as the reason for his choice and willingness to go home.

He confirmed that he indeed thought of going back to his Ichaweri, Gatundu home, to prevent the country from devolving into bloodshed as it happened in 2007.

Uhuru on Ruto’s slapping claims

“If they had slapped me over power, I would have given them the other cheek to slap. Yes, I wanted to go back to Ichaweri because I couldn’t compare power with bloodshed.

“These seats we occupy (Presidency) are not more valuable than human life. I had said yes, I will not see more people lose lives because of a seat,” Uhuru stated.

“Those who wanted to slap me because I was about to give up the seat were the same ones who accused me of trying to use BBI to extend my term. How was I extending power which I had given up on?” Uhuru wondered.

The president noted that he would not have let his ambition come between Kenyans and peace arguing that State House is not a place of fun and merrymaking.

Uhuru added that he was looking forward to completing his term and going home.

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