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Uhuru’s principal bodyguard, Pepita Ranka, ingrained in Ruto’s security team

Pepita Ranka, one of the two most well-known bodyguards assigned to Uhuru Kenyatta during his 10-year administration, has joined the two major bodyguards who were a part of President William Ruto’s security team.

On Tuesday, shortly after the former President handed over the ceremonial presidential sword symbolizing the transfer of power to his successor, Ranka shifted to Ruto’s security detail.

He afterward accompanied Ruto’s main bodyguards, who were headed by Joshua Yemboi, as the newly inaugurated President rode the ceremonial Commander-in-Chief Land Rover around the Kasarani Stadium to welcome spectators.

Ranka was part of Ruto’s security team on Wednesday when six judges were sworn in at State House in Nairobi.

Although details on realignments in Ruto’s security were scanty, sources indicated Ranka formed part of the elite Presidential Escort Unit (PEU) deployed during the transition pending a further reorganization of Ruto’s core protection team.

“Ranka will most likely revert back to Uhuru’s security detail. His addition to Ruto’s team during the transition is key to ensuring presidential protocol is intact for the time being,” one source familiar with the workings of PEU said.

Other than Ranka, other notable individuals around President Kenyatta who continued in their roles following Tuesday’s inauguration include Brig Timothy Stelu Lekolool, the President’s Aide-de-Camp.

Lekolool switched to Ruto’s side as Kenyatta handed over the instruments of power on Tuesday.

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