June 20, 2024

We didn’t steal votes in 2017! Ruto hits back at Sabina Chege’s claim

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William Ruto has responded to Sabina Chege’s claim that the 2017 election was rigged in favor of the Jubilee Party.

Ruto claimed in Nakuru County that the allegations leveled by Murang’a Woman Representative Sabina Chegeare are a plot by Azimio to instigate violence, adding, “We would not accept that.”

Murang’a Woman Rep. Sabina Chege claims the 2017 election was manipulated in the Jubilee Party’s favor.

“Kuna mama moja wa Azimio alisema mimi an Uhuru tuliiba Kura 2017. 

Nataka Niwaulize nyinyi watu wa Nakuru, kuna kura ya mtu mliiba? Si mlitupigia kura? Hakuna kura ya mtu tuliiba. Watu wa Azimio waache kutisha watu na maneno ya kuiba kura. Mimi ndo nilisimamia maneno ya kura. Hakuna kura ata moja ya mtu Uhuru aliiba,” he said. 

Loosely translated as, “There is one woman (Sabina Chege) from Azimio who said that Uhuru and I stole votes in 2017. I want to ask you the people of Nakuru, were your votes stolen? Did you not vote for us? We did not steal anyone’s votes. 

Azimio people should cease frightening people with claims of vote fraud. “I oversaw the election, and Uhuru did not steal anyone’s votes,” Ruto claimed.

Sabina Chege’s claim sparked outrage on Thursday when she made comments that appeared to address allegations of vote tampering.

While urging residents to register in large numbers as voters so that they can vote in ODM leader Raila Odinga to be the fifth President, Chege ended up saying: 

“Kule central nimeskia hapawengine wakisema hapa tuliwaibia, kuna kaukweli kidogo. Lakini mjue kama tulijua kuiba si ata hii tutafanya nini…alafu.. alafu”.

Translated as, ‘In Central, I have heard here some people saying that we stole from them. There is some truth in that. They should know that if we knew how to steal then, why not in this? Will we not do something… then… then..then”.

The lawmaker went on to say that ODM Raila Odinga has gained the support of people all over the country who are not afraid to go above and beyond for him.

“Wanafikiria hao ndio wajanja, lakini sisi tuko na watu. Na baba ametemba kwa watu na amekua the people’s project na tunataka akue the people’s president,” she said.

Translated as: “They think they are clever but we have people. Raila has been people’s project and we want him to be people’s president”.

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