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88-year-old woman strips naked in protest at County Commissioner’s office 

Woman strips naked at County Commissioner’s office in Machakos County in protest over a delayed land dispute.

On Wednesday outside the Machakos County Commissioner’s office, a woman identified as Regina Mumbua Kiua, 88, took off all but her inner pants.

The woman stated that her attempts to get help from the lands office over a dispute over family land ownership had been fruitless, leading her to undress in defiance.

Richard Musyoka, a representative of the Machakos Lands Union, claimed the woman was protesting the Machakos land registry because it had ignored her complaints.

“The woman made complaints to the union’s office last week. She claimed that one of her stepsons had forcibly taken her land’s title deed,” Musyoka said.

He said the woman claimed that the title deed belonged to both her and her elderly husband Kiua Kyanguku. The son in question is of her co-wife.

“The woman has been following up the case, the husband is sickling. She says the stepson in question had refused to surrender the title deed,” Musyoka said. He said the family land in question is approximately 70 acres.

“She was upset after following the struggles she has been undergoing in pursuit to seek justice. She earlier sought a lawyer’s services who wrote to the Directorate of Public Prosecution who in turn wrote to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, Machakos to intervene in the matter,” Musyoka said.

An administrator who intervened after the woman stripped naked in said her case needed to be sorted through arbitration.

He added that the woman’s husband had two wives who were warring over land whose title deed had been taken by her stepson.

He dismissed claims that the Machakos land’s registrar was colluding with some of the woman’s relatives to grab the contested land thereby denying her justice.

“The family’s property is intact, I have personally done a search of the title deeds. No one has grabbed any of the parcels, one of the woman’s stepsons has the original title deed,” he said.

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