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AG Justin Muturi warns Ruto’s housing project could fail

AG Justin Muturi distances himself from William Ruto’s housing project warning that it could for exempting the Senate from its consideration

Despite the bill’s explicit exemption of the Senate from deliberation, Muturi said that housing is a devolved role and therefore the Senate must be included. 

However, the AG acknowledged that his office contributed to the necessary law’s formulation, which aims to close the deficiencies that the High Court pointed out when it invalidated the exercise. 

Already, the Joint Committee of Finance and Housing is at the tail end of processing its final report. 

Muturi, whose role as the government legal advisor told Parliament, that his office takes responsibility for the gaps on which the courts base their decisions in probing out the housing levy. 

“We take instructions from state departments; they tell us this is how they want it done. We tell them how to go about it. Then it goes to Parliament for amendments, which is a very healthy democratic practice,” said Muturi.

The AG further cautioned the National Assembly that the amendments to the Affordable Housing Bill of 2023 risk running into legal hurdles unless the bill gets concurrence from the Senate. 

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“There is no harm in the bill being processed as it is being processed in the National Assembly, and then finally there will also be input from the Senate,” Muturi explained. 

Muturi also downplayed a possible clash between the national and county governments in the implementation of the affordable housing project, should it be enacted. 

“Any such overlap in the discharge of functions between the two levels of government may be addressed through an express provision in the Bill provided for consultation and cooperation where such arises,” the AG explained. 

The National Assembly will consider the report of the joint committees as soon as it resumes its sittings. What Housing Levy court decisions mean to Ruto 

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