Bar Manager Nursing Injuries in Fight Over Curvaceous Waitress

Bar Manager Nursing Injuries in Fight Over Curvaceous Waitress After he Prevented Three Patrons From Leaving With Newly Recruited Waitress.

Detectives based in Migori have launched a manhunt for three suspects, who allegedly attacked and injured a bar manager following a brawl over a female attendant.

Oscar Omondi, 28, the manager of Azimio bar in Karangi, Migori county,

was attacked by the three after he prevented them from leaving for the night with a newly employed bar waitress. 

Omondi was concerned with the high turnover of waitresses at his place of work.

“The trio had patronized the bar for the better part of the evening and would occasionally steal glances at the 22-year-old voluptuous damsel, as she swaggered from one table to another serving thirsty revelers,” the DCI noted.

Despite finishing their drinks an hour before the closing time, the trio hanged around the bar like hungry wolves on the prowl, further exacerbating the unpleasant situation. 

Unbeknownst to them, the bar manager had taken note of their eye movements following the babe around and the witty remarks that would follow. 

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Bar Manager Nursing Injuries

Towards midnight, the three engaged the bar manager in a brawl, attacking him with machetes and leaving him with serious injuries.

They didn’t take kindly to his decision to prevent them from leaving with a newly hired waitress.

They also broke into the counter and make away with an unspecified amount of money. 

The bar manager was transferred to Migori County Referral Hospital.

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