Jubilee Hands Bahati Nomination After Crying On Camera

Jubilee Hands Bahati Nomination To Contest For Mathare Parliamentary Seat After Crying On Camera.

Kevin Mbuvi Kioko alias ‘Bahati,’ a musician-turned-politician, has finally been given a Jubilee ticket to contest for the Mathare parliamentary seat.

On Friday, May 13, the party’s Secretary-General, Jeremiaj Kioni, made the news at a press conference at the party’s Nairobi headquarters.

The party was concerned about the interests of the youth, according to Kioni, which is why Bahati’s certificate was reinstated.

“You (Bahati) have an equal opportunity like any other person in Jubilee and that is why we have given you back the ticket,” said Kioni. 

Bahati made headlines two weeks ago when he broke down in front of a press conference after being asked to withdraw from the Mathare election in favor of Orange Democratic Movement’s Anthony Oluoch (ODM).

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Jubilee Hands Bahati Nomination 

After his nomination was restored, Bahati thanked the party for allowing him to compete in August, saying it had given the youth hope.

“I would like to thank my party, I have my ticket. There were a lot of things going on but I am I will be on the ballot on a Jubilee Party ticket and I can promise I will be the next Member of Parliament for Mathare. Thank you very much to my party for the opportunity to run,” Bahati stated.

“Today I am not crying, so I would like to thank my party leader for giving not only Bahati the opportunity but also the youth of this country an opportunity to lead and give the people a voice. I also want to thank Baba (Raila Odinga) for giving me the consideration despite the tough issues of zoning in the coalition.” He added. 

The Jubilee Party had previously stated that the controversy surrounding Bahati’s nomination was due to a standing arrangement in the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Alliance.

Jubilee had said that ODM raised concerns over the party fielding a candidate in an ODM’s turf.

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