June 20, 2024

Close To 840,000 AstraZeneca Vaccines Are Expired; Health Ministry Says

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AstraZeneca vaccines close to 840,000 doses are expired, the Health Ministry has said.

At least 840, 000 doses of Astrazeneca vaccines have expired, the Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday.

Another 1 million doses of Johnson and Johnson are likely to expire if they remain unused by April 15.

Speaking during a press conference, Chief Administrative Secretary Mercy Mwangangi stated that following this, the serum will have to be disposed of.

She at the same time called on Kenyans not yet vaccinated to make good use of available vaccines to protect themselves from COVID-19

The highest number of doses that have expired have been reported in Nakuru at 35,000, Busia (27,956), Kajiado (25, 770), Kakamega (12,000) and Kwale (11,730).

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