May 20, 2024

Cristiano Ronaldo condemned for his ‘out of order’ behaviour after being subbed off

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Cristiano Ronaldo condemned for his ‘out of order’ behaviour after being subbed off during United win against Brentford.

Ronaldo’s tantrum overshadowed Manchester United’s win at Brentford.

The Red Devils won 3-1 at the Brentford Community Stadium to earn their first Premier League victory in 2022.

Ronaldo was visibly upset as he was substituted in the 71st minute before sulking while sitting on the bench.

Red Devils interim manager Ralf Rangnick was seen calming Ronaldo as Marcus Rashford put the visitors 3-0 up.

But Andy Townsend believes the no.7 got off far too lightly.

“We can see Rangnick chatting to Cristiano Ronaldo, trying to keep him on side a little bit – Ronaldo didn’t appear like he was having too much of it,” Townsend remarked on co-commentary for talkSPORT.

“I’m truly surprised by Ronaldo. He should be a lot better than that, in my opinion.

“It’s not just about him, it is most of the time but it shouldn’t always be. 

Tonight, it’s about getting the job done, getting the three points.”

When Rashford scored, Ronaldo remained in his pout, and Townsend was enraged by his actions, calling for the Man United players to confront the Portuguese.

Townsend added: “That’s out of order. Rangnick should dig him out on that after the game, he should if he’s got enough about him. 

He won’t do it but he should.

“Or one of the players should, it would hurt Ronaldo far more if one of the boys said something to him. Raphael Varane could do it, Bruno Fernandes could do it…”

The German played down the incident after the match.

Rangnick said: “Okay, it is normal. As a striker, he wants to score goals. 

He came back from a little injury, so for me it was important to bear in mind that we have another game in three days’ time.

“On the other hand, we were two-nil up, the same result we had at Villa Park, and I decided to make sure we defended that lead this time.

“I think it was the right decision to switch to a back five. We scored the third goal and then, in the end, we would have wanted to keep a clean sheet Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to keep a clean sheet, but at least we made sure nothing happened anymore. ”

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