June 14, 2024

DCI boss George Kinoti launches investigations into the nationwide power blackout

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DCI boss George Kinoti has launched investigations into recently witnessed nationwide power blackout.

The frequent power disruptions, which began on December 10, have sparked suspicions of intentional sabotage.

The DCI boss George Kinoti announced that he has initiated a probe into the country’s power disruptions.

The power outage prompted the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to take up the investigation into the high-voltage electrical transmission system failure that resulted in a nationwide blackout. 

Initially, the Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) claimed that the blackout was caused by vandalism by scrap metal traders.

On Wednesday, December 12, Kinoti said his police were looking into the collapse of four steel pylons in Nairobi’s Imara Daima area on Tuesday, which resulted in a countrywide blackout that lasted for hours and affected areas of the country.

“We can’t rule out anything until investigations establish the probable cause,” Kinoti said. Kinoti said he had multiple active investigations into Kenya Power’s operations. “We have many investigations on Kenya Power. So many, including those in court that sent almost entire management to court,” Kinoti said . 

The cause of Kenya’s recent power outage On December 12, the corporation blamed the four towers’ collapse on scrap metal dealers’ vandalism, which the energy firm claimed undermined the massive structures.

The vandals chipped away at the steel structures of the pylons, causing them to fall and cut off power to millions of Kenyans, according to the business.

The vandals, according to the report, came from the adjacent Mukuru kwa Njenga slums, where they systematically took down the towers, generally at night, before selling them to scrap metal dealers.


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“Our investigations indicate that the Kiambere – Embakasi power line collapsed due to vandalism of support bracings in four transmission towers near Imara Daima Estate in Nairobi,” Kenya Power said in a statement. 

Given their strategic importance to the national economy and security, the vandalism accusation sparked issues about the appropriateness of vigilance surrounding major electricity transmission lines around the country.

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