DP Gachagua reveals he’s yet to move onto official Deputy President residence

DP Gachagua reveals he’s yet to move onto the official Deputy President residence in Karen, which was previously occupied by William Ruto.

Gachagua claimed in an interview with KTN News on Sunday that he has not yet gotten used to his new situation, which will eventually require him to vacate the house he has called home for more than 24 years.

DP Gachagua claims that leaving his home has been challenging because of his affinity to the house and the memories it contains, even if his boss, President William Ruto, has already moved to State House.

“The things that are going on around me are very momentous, I’m yet to acclimatise, digest and accept the new situation and the status and all.. it is very overwhelming.. I will need to take some time but in due course I will move into the official residence,” DP Gachagua told KTN. 

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“I have such an emotional attachment to this home, my children grew up here, my parents lived with me here for many years,” Gachagua told KTN News 

“It is very nostalgic for me to walk away from a home where I have lived for 24 years,” 

Although the official DP residence is ready, DP Gachagua says he prefers the familiarity of his home for the time being.

Although the official DP residence is ready, DP Gachagua claims that for the time being, he prefers the comfort of his home.

Because 24 years is a long time, he continued, “I still feel better to sleep here and wake up here because you know home is a home, you get used to home… you enjoy your bed.. you like the way you get up… you like the surroundings.”

I’m still here trying to figure things out, but there is no rush because work is still being done and I will eventually move into the official residence after I have had time to process all that has changed and is going on around me.

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