May 20, 2024

European Football Associations (Uefa) hoping to tear up Russian broadcast deal for international matches

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European Football Associations (UEFA) hoping to tear up the Russian broadcast deal for international matches.

The Union of the European Football Associations is looking to tear up its contract with a Russian broadcaster for national team matches later this week, including England’s friendlies against Switzerland and the Ivory Coast.

Match TV currently controls the rights, but Uefa is looking into the deal to stop matches being broadcast in Russia, which launched an invasion of neighboring Ukraine last month.

The Football Association has no control in whether or not England matches are shown in Russia because Uefa has centralized broadcast rights for all 55 member associations for competitive and friendly matches.

Similarly, the FA’s FA Cup rights arrangement with IMG left it powerless to prevent Match TV from showing the quarter-finals live last weekend.

To avoid a repeat, the FA is said to be in talks with IMG about the FA Cup deal. The semi-finals are set to take place next month.

On March 8, the Premier League and Rambler agreed to cease their partnership in Russia. 

On the same day, the EFL disabled access to its iFollow and other club streaming services in Russia.

The Russian national team and club sides are still banned from all Fifa and Uefa tournaments, including the World Cup play-offs, after the Court of Arbitration for Sport rejected appeals to lift the bans.

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