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Ex-Mungiki leader reveals how ICC offered him Ksh40 million to implicate Uhuru Kenyatta

Ex-Mungiki leader reveals how ICC offered him Ksh40 million to implicate Uhuru Kenyatta in the 2007/08 post-election violence.

Ndura Waruinge, a former leader of the Mungiki, has claimed that the International Criminal Court (ICC) offered him Ksh40 million to implicate former President Uhuru Kenyatta in the 2007–2008 post-election violence case.

On Sunday, October 16, Waruinge said that Luis Moreno Ocampo, a former chief prosecutor, had approached him to get him to sign a fabricated confession that implicated Uhuru.

He clarified that the prosecution would have had a strong case against the former president if his signature had been on the letter.

“I was not an ICC witness but the ICC prosecutor Ocampo came to me in 2014 and requested me to sign a letter that had some sort of written evidence explaining how Uhuru Kenyatta paid me to go and kill.

“He was accompanied by two well-known Kenyan politicians and told me that they would pay me Ksh40 million as long as I appended my signature,” Waruinge recounted.

However, the Ex-Mungiki leader turned down the lump sum of money and hatched a plan to inform Uhuru.

“I told them that I would like to consult with my wife on the matter after which I would get back to them. I immediately called Uhuru and told him that they wanted to fix him

“Uhuru asked me to go to a hotel in Kampala where I met his lawyer, Karim Khan, and wrote statements in favor of Uhuru,” Waruinge claimed.

Following the new revelation, Fatou Bensouda, the ICC prosecutor who replaced Ocampo in the case, informed the court that attempts had been made to tamper with the witnesses.

Following the withdrawal of the accusations by the prosecution, Trial Chamber V (B) ended the proceedings in the case against President Kenyatta and vacated the summons to appear against him in March 2015.

The prosecution denounced political meddling and extensive meddling with the witnesses it had presented to the court.

Uhuru had been charged with committing crimes against humanity.

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