June 14, 2024

Failure to register with NHIF will be an offence, liable to a Sh20,000 penalty; NHIF proposals

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NHIF proposals 2022

According to new National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) proposals,

any adult Kenyan (18 years and above) that will not enroll in the fund will be liable to a fine of Sh20,000.

“A person who does not register as a member commits an offence and shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding Sh20,000.” reads part of the proposal.

Other NHIF proposals in the draft regulation are that proof of NHIF cover must be produced before accessing any government services.

This will happen if the National Assembly approves the proposed revisions in the draft National Health Insurance Fund (Contributions) Regulations, 2022.

The regulations were released on February 16 by the Ministry of Health and the National Health Insurance Fund.

Kenyans earning more than Sh100,000 will have to pay 1.7 percent of their gross salary under the proposed reforms.

This means Kenyans earning Sh100,000 will pay Sh1,700 each month. Those earning Sh150,000 will part with Sh2,550, while those with salaries of Sh200,000 will pay Sh3,400 a month.

For those with salaries amounting to Sh300,000 and Sh400,000, their fees will be Sh5,100 and Sh6,800, respectively.

Kenyans earning Sh500,000 and Sh1 million will have to pay Sh8,500 and Sh17,000, respectively.

In the current regulations, the maximum NHIF contribution is capped at Sh1,700 per person.

The rates for Kenyans earning below Sh100,000 will remain the same.

The proposed National Health Insurance Fund (Contributions) Regulations, 2022, are one of a slew of steps being implemented by the health ministry to ensure Universal Health Coverage is realized.

According to data, the NHIF had 10.6 million members in the fiscal year that ended in June, but 5.7 million, or 54% of the total, had stopped contributing by the end of August last year due to coronavirus-related layoffs and wage cuts.

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