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Forbes report reveals why 80% of new year resolutions fail

Why 80% of new year resolutions fail, with only 20 percent of people achieving their set goals, Forbes report.

According to the report, just 20% of people actually achieve their goals for the new year, with 80% of resolutions failing to live up to expectations.

According to Forbes, the majority of people who give up do so as early as February.

“Every New Year, many people state a list of goals and targets they are going to achieve but 80 percent of those resolutions start failing by the beginning of February,” the report states in part.

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Why 80% of new year resolutions fail

Forbes compiled a list of factors that contribute to the failure of such resolutions;

Lack of change in consciousness

Most of the resolutions fail because they were made at the spur of the moment and when the exhilaration ends, so is the drive to achieve the set goals.

“New Year’s resolutions majorly are created out of peer pressure and based on an arbitrary date.

“When reality sinks in and the burden of peer pressure dissipates, many people end up abandoning their resolutions,” the report expounds.

Lack of accountability structure

Dieting and exercising usually top New Year’s resolutions according to Forbes yet few people ever follow through with them.

This is attributed to the lack of an accountability structure. There is no reward and punishment model when working towards achieving the resolutions.

If someone wants to cheat on his diet or exercise routine, there is no punishment or instant repercussions for that decision.

Fear and Resistance

Forbes noted that there is a lot of fear and resistance when it comes to achieving set goals.

“In the course of time, people start doubting themselves and get a feeling that they were overambitious when making resolutions,” Forbes noted.

When the fear starts creeping in, many people abandon their resolutions barely a month after making them.

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