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Council of Governors Anne Waiguru issues 9 demands to Ruto

Council of Governors Anne Waiguru calls on President Ruto to amend nine laws interfering with the county functions.

On January 7, the Council of Governors (CoG) issued directives to President William Ruto’s national government to amend nine laws.

CoG Chair Anne Waiguru called for the restructuring of the regional development authority and semi-autonomous government organizations that carry out county government functions during her remarks at the cabinet retreat at the Fairmont Mt Kenya Safari Club.

“We want to propose that each sector that has a con-current function creates an inter-governmental forum to enhance sector collaboration between the two levels of government,” she announced while flanked by other governors. 

The Co-operative Societies Act, the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) Act, and the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) Act are a few of the laws that the CoG wants to be amended.

The National Construction Authority Act, the Agriculture and Food Authority Act, the regulations for tea and coffee, the Energy Act, the Water Act, and the Environment Management and Coordination (EMCA) Act are among the others.

Waiguru also urged the conformity of administrative decisions, laws, and policies with the decentralized system of government.

The governors emphasized the necessity of accelerating the unbundling, demarcation, costing, and transfer of responsibilities to County Governments processes.

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“We also want to reiterate on our call for an increase of the county equitable share of revenue and ensure timely disbursement of funds to Counties as required by law,” Waiguru noted.

Governors also called for the establishment of functional alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to mediate intergovernmental disputes like the county functions and boundary disputes.

Waiguru also noted that some of the legislations that the governors are calling for review have created institutions that are undertaking devolved functions.

“Creation of national programmes on devolved functions without the involvement of county governments goes against the spirit of the constitution,” the Kirinyaga governor added.

They further urged the parliament to prioritize consideration of the proposed amendments to the Intergovernmental Relations Act, 2012 to anchor the CoG Secretariat in Law to support intergovernmental relations and to ensure that County Governments are fully supported to undertake their constitutional mandate.

Waiguru further cited three executive orders under the State Corporations Act which established the Kenya National Public Health Institute, National Syndemic Diseases Control Authority, and Kenya Tissue and Transplant Authority also as stifling smooth implementation of devolution.

“These legislations mainly touch on health, agriculture, water, energy, land and urban development, and environment and forestry sector,” she stated at the sidelines of the retreat in Nanyuki. 

In conclusion, the governors stated that the laws are in conflict with the Constitution and require review for counties to undertake their mandate effectively. 

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