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Kikuyu elders wade into Gachagua Sakaja war

Kikuyu elders wade into Gachagua Sakaja spat warning the deputy president over meddling in Nairobi County affairs.

Following his ongoing argument with Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua over the removal of long-distance buses from the central business area, Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja received support from Kikuyu elders (CBD)

Speaking to the media on January 7th, the elders urged Gachagua to refrain from attacking Sakaja and to give the governor enough time to discharge his duties.

The elders indicated Sakaja’s choice was influenced by Nairobi city’s shrinking size as they revisited the matatu ban issue.

“Sakaja should be allowed to do his work because when they start these scuffles, we won’t benefit.

“No one can ban any vehicle from accessing Nairobi it’s just that the city has grown small,” the elders told the press.

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The elders also challenged Gachagua to face Sakaja and come up with an agreement rather than engaging in public attacks toward the governor.

“They should sit down and come up with a consensus. Stop undressing each other. We are the ones who are suffering from these tussles,” they challenged.

The elders advised Gachagua to focus on his current responsibilities in light of his constant complaints about the former administration.

They further requested that if the two leaders were unable to resolve the problems on their own, they schedule a meeting with President William Ruto.

“This is a national government which is conflicting with the county government, which is wrong, let them meet the President,” they stated.

The DP was asked to leave Sakaja in the hands of Nairobi’s residents since they are the ones who voted him in.

“Stop thinking about yourself when you get to power. Give Sakaja five years, if he is bad or good we are the ones who will decide whether we will elect him back,” they noted.

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