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Ruto turns away 3 PSs from the Cabinet meeting as he reprimands his CSs

Ruto turns away 3 PSs (principal secretaries) from the Cabinet meeting for coming in late as he reads a riot act to Cabinet Secretaries.

President William Ruto on Friday, January 6, turned away three principal secretaries from the Cabinet meeting held at the Mount Kenya Safari Club after checking in late. 

The meeting had reportedly been going on since 7:00 am when the three entered, according to reports.

Further, the President asked his cabinet to avoid spending money on projects that would be of little benefit to the general populace.

Additionally, he ordered Cabinet Secretaries to cover their assistants’ and support staff’s travel costs after they brought them to the meeting without permission.

“Why do you have to be accompanied by your PAs and other staff in this meeting?” he inquired. 

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The tough-talking President warned that he anticipated a change from the previous government’s style of rule while addressing the Cabinet meeting and made clear his plans to eliminate laxity in his government.

To avoid the backlogs that have over time become the standard for government offices, Ruto specifically ordered that Cabinet Secretaries be forced to attend to the files on their desks every day.

“Do not hold the government at ransom. When files are sent to your desk, clear them. Each one of us must clear our desks once a day,” he directed.

Additionally, the Head of State reiterated that his administration should reflect the spirit of “bottom-up” in service delivery by eliminating bureaucracy at all levels of government offices. 

Ruto further urged the Cabinet to be loyal to the Oath of Office that they took and the promises made to the electorate during the campaigns. 

“The interests of the people of Kenya come first. The people without ties, some without shoes, some cannot be allowed beyond the watchman, they cannot afford to hire a lawyer, those are our bosses. They are our employers, we are their servants and we are their advocates,” the President reiterated. 

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