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Foreign affairs PS Amb Kamau warns how having too many Twitter followers can cost one visa application

Amb PS Kamau warns MPs that having too many Twitter followers can cost the visa application process for the United States.

Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Amb Macharia Kamau on Tuesday said that due to the American legislation, individuals who are politically active are always on the government’s radar.

Macharia alleged during the induction of Members of Parliament (MPs) that some Western nations were using the visa issue for their own national interests.

 “Once you become a Member of Parliament and your Twitter handle has got one million followers, that is enough to trigger the fact that you are now a politically exposed personality. This will result in your Visa being referred to Washington and once it goes into reference, it joins a long queue…sometimes it can take up to three or four months,” 

“If they don’t like a certain MP when they come for visa application, they would be given all sorts of excuses such us; your visa has been referred, there is a backlog, etc. And before you know it, you have given up. Your intended reason for travel is crashed,” he said.

The Principal Secretary said the vigorous process is a result of the U.S legislation on foreign policy that began during former president Barack Obama’s reign that highlights people who are politically active.

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