April 13, 2024
Fracas as matatu driver arrested for charging police officer fare

Police in civilian arrest a matatu driver after being asked to pay bus fare on Ngong Road

Police in civilian arrest a matatu driver after being asked to pay bus fare on Ngong Road.

On Tuesday, September 26, a matatu driver in Nairobi was detained for charging a police officer bus fare.

The incident happened at the police station for Kenyatta National Hospital on Ngong Road when the police office boarded the matatu and requested a ride to his destination.

The conductor reportedly asked the officer, who was apparently wearing a civilian outfit, to pay the fare like other passengers, but he refused, according to eyewitnesses.

Verbal exchanges ensued leading to a confrontation, forcing the officer to call for backup from his colleagues at Kenyatta National Hospital Police Station.

“The officer refused to pay, saying that police officers are exempt from paying fares when using public transportation. 

“The conductor argued that the officer was not in uniform and therefore did not qualify for the exemption,” a witness told the media.

According to reports,  the officer was soon reinforced by a police patrol car that happened to be passing by at the time of the confrontation.

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Passengers who had joined in the confrontation were forced to retreat when more officers swamped the place and began apprehending some at the scene.

“The conductor explained his side of the story, but the police officers sided with their colleague,” a witness said.

However, the matatu conductor escaped, leaving behind the driver who was arrested and dragged on the ground as members of the public watched. 

A video circulating online depicted the driver crying and pleading for help as more officers kept the angry mob at bay.

The officers also harassed journalists covering the episode. The officers demanded the reporters to delete the recordings before letting them off the hook.

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