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Foreign investor forced to donate his multi-billion investment after frustration by Kenyan Government

Scottland investor, Bruce Bridges whose father was killed by squatters forced to donate his multi-billion investment after frustration by the Kenyan Government.

Due to frustrations from the Kenyan Government the Kenyan government, a foreign investor from Scotland has opted to donate a large parcel of land in Voi, Taita Taveta.

In an exclusive interview with The Scottish Sun, Bruce Bridges claimed that the Kenyan government had failed to renew the land’s license since 2016.

The Bridge family had been mining gemstones from the region on the property since 1961, but operations have been halted as a result of the standoff with the government.

Bruce has therefore decided to donate the land for free in order to create a heritage site and an elephant sanctuary for critically endangered species. 

The land is located along the corridor that elephants pass through from Tsavo National Park to Tanzania in search of water and pasture.  

For over 7 years, Bruce kept the site active with all the mining equipment retained awaiting the government to renew its licence. 

Illegal miners have already invaded the land and while an eviction notice has been issued, the government has not relocated them. 

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Another group of unlicensed miners broke into the area in 2009 and attacked Bruce’s family, killing his father in the process. 

Four persons were given life sentences in 2014 in relation to Campbell Bridges’s killing. 

The long court battles with the government and squatters have left Bruce financially drained and he wants to bring an end to it.

“They have cost us millions and millions of pounds over the last 17 years,” he explained why he was giving up on the land. 

“After nearly 55 years of my family in Kenya, we could leave with pleasant memories.”

The family which originally came from Aberdeen in Scotland ran into millions when they discovered the precious stones tsavorite in 1961. 

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