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My family and I would never go back to Liverpool if I joined Man United, Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard is a hated figure among Manchester United supporters due to his long-serving stint as Liverpool captain, making him synonymous with their most-hated rivals.

Alex Furguson urged Gary Neville to sound Steven Gerrard to join Man United, and Neville recalls the failed attempt

And so Gerrard, turned down Neville’s advances when Gary Neville sounded to the former Liverpool captain to join Ferguson’s team.

In an interview with Sky Sports published on Tuesday, Neville stated that Ferguson urged him to seek out international teammates during England gatherings.

Gary Neville recalled on an unsuccessful attempt to get Steven Gerrard to sign for Man United when both were England teammates.

“I think it would be something casual, it wouldn’t be like ‘go and poach him’ or anything like that, but have a chat and see what his plans are.

“Where does he like to eat? That type of thing. There were two or three times it happened with me, when I spoke to Alan Shearer during Euro 96, I had conversation with him. 

I was more junior at that time, so I couldn’t have a serious conversation with him.

“Definitely, with Wayne Rooney, I had a little chat, but again, he was a younger player, so you can’t put too much pressure on him.

“With Stevie (Gerrard), it was a full-on assault, let’s get him out of there! I want him out of there. 

To be fair, Stevie’s answer was ‘my family and I would never be able to go back to Liverpool ever again.’ It was a very short conversation.”

Neville goes on to reassure Liverpool fans that Gerrard was a devoted supporter, despite the fact that the midfielder appeared to be more interested in discussing his future with Chelsea captain John Terry.

“I think John got about 10 minutes out of him, I got about 30 seconds.”

After winning the Champions League with Liverpool in 2005, Gerrard considered joining Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea team, but the move never materialized.

Gerrard is now the manager of Aston Villa.

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