Gachagua Promises to End Corruption In Police Service 

Gachagua Has Promised to End Corruption In Police Service If Kenya Kwanza Coalition Wins the August Presidential Election.

Speaking in Nakuru on Thursday 19, May during the region’s economic bloc forum, Ruto’s running mate pledged empowerment to the police. 

He argued that police officers have been neglected and that their condition has been in a sorry state. 

Gachagua singled out the remuneration of the officers, which he implied is too meagre for them to substantially meet their needs. 

He claimed that because of their low pay, cops resort to extorting bribes from citizens to supplement their income.

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He stated that the Kenya Kwanza government would prioritize the National Police Service’s wellbeing in order to restore its members’ dignity.

“Since Mwai Kibaki retired from power, the plight of police officers has never been looked into. They have resorted to kickbacks due to little pay. They are our brothers and sisters. Our government will address the issue of their salaries and allowances so that they stop soliciting for “tea” from members of the public,” said Rigathi. 

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