June 20, 2024

Githurai hustlers decry of DP Ruto’s unfulfilled promise

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Githurai hustlers have decried of unfulfilled promise by their fellow

 ” Chief hustler” DP Ruto.

According to a local publication, a section of the traders at the Githurai market blamed DP Ruto for failing to honor his promise. 

They claimed that the deputy president promised them 2 million Kenya shillings but it has remained an empty promise.

The traders led by Peter Mwangi revealed that William Ruto promised to help at least 1,000 of them by supporting their small businesses. 

They were reportedly invited to the deputy president’s official residence in Karen where they had a campaign meeting.

“(Nominated) Senator (Isaac) Mwaura was in charge. He came here and picked those of us who went to Karen. Now there are reports a few of us have received the monies and disappeared. Others say we were given wheelbarrows and sold them.” He said, adding that the money was to be equally distributed amongst various groups in the popular Githurai market.

“The DP Ruto promised Sh1 million for the market traders and another million for those in the transport sector. We were to receive the money within a week. The main issue is that people believe a section of us have pocketed the money. That is why we cant to clear the air that nobody has received even a cent. We are also asking the DP to confirm or not whether he has given the money to someone here.” claimed another trader.


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The traders questioned the DP’s credibility in honoring promises.

“We need to tell Kenyans it is bad for leaders not to fulfill promises because these are the people who will be elected to serve Kenyans but if he cannot fulfill promises, how can we trust him with our votes.” They continued.

They called on the deputy president to come out and clear the air on whether he channeled the money through local leaders who took them to Karen and who may have kept the money to themselves or he’s still holding on to his promise.

“He keeps on telling us about bottom-up and we really believed him but he doesn’t keep promises. Maybe he gave the money to our leaders but let him know that we have not received anything.” Mwangi said.

“We were also promised a pack of wheelbarrows and we forwarded a list of those who wanted wheelbarrows but hata moja hatujapata!” Kelly Rose Wambui lamented.

The second in command has been on a mission to win masses on his bottom-up economic model ahead of the coming general elections.

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