Goons storm Joho’s rally in Kilifi 

Goons storm Joho’s rally in Kilifi County prompting the leaders to end the political rally prematurely.

Hassan Ali Joho, the governor of Mombasa, was forced to cut short a rally in Kilifi county after goons raided the Dias during a popularization tour of the Azimio la Umoja Kenya One coalition party.

Security guards were forced to intervene as the goons attempted to shove Kilifi deputy governor Gideon Saburi away from the throng at Cleopatra Grounds.

The raucous teenagers demanded that the deputy governor finish his remarks and make way for other speakers.

The youths had requested to be addressed by Joho before the event, despite Saburi’s efforts to calm them down.

“Relax, Joho has heard you and you can now cool down. I want to tell you that we wanted Joho to vie for the presidency but he talked with baba (Raila) and said Baba Tosha,” he urged the youth.

Gideon Mung’aro, the Kilifi gubernatorial candidate, and Joho were forced to leave the dias and the other leaders due to the rising tension.

Before the event, representatives from the coast region had a stakeholder meeting with grassroots leaders, dismissing assertions made by William Ruto that if elected President, he will settle land issues and return port operations to Mombasa.

Joho also faulted Amason Kingi, for claiming his Pamoja African Alliance party signed a pre-election agreement with Ruto to buy land from absentee landlords to settle squatters.

“I want to tell you, if I get into the lands office, all that which has not been done for all those years will be done immediately. I am a Kenyan who believes in myself, when I go to the table, I go as a complete Kenyan, I will be a full representative of the people,” said Joho.

“If you do not know the law, I now remind you that because the land is of high value and you claim it was given to you as a present, it is now a public property, and you are supposed to give it back to Taita Taveta people very fast,” he added.

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