June 20, 2024

Govt issues new construction approval process amid increased faulty buildings

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Govt issues new construction approval process amid increased faulty buildings risking lives of Kenyans.

In response to a rise in the number of building collapsing, the government has issued a three-step guideline for the construction industry.

The National Construction Authority (NCA) provided specific instructions for Kenyans intending to build homes in a notice that was published in the local dailies.

Construction approval process

The government issued the approval process categorized into three stages mainly, pre-construction, construction, and post-construction.


The National Construction Authority reiterated that the first step of construction begins with consulting registered and qualified personnel. 

This entails getting having an architect draw the building’s design.

“Only professionals registered with their respective regulatory bodies can design drawings intended for construction. These include architects, structural engineers, and quantity surveyors. planners, mechanical and electrical engineers,” read the notice in part.

The county government and the National Environment Management Authority are included in this (NEMA). 

The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority must give its clearance before contractors may begin work near airports (KCAA).

The project must then be registered with NCA following approval.

The building owner thus submits details of the contractor, project consultants, architect, and surveyor who is duly registered.

A signed contract with the contractor is also provided at this time, together with the authorized house design, physical planning forms, permissions from various regulatory organizations, a quantity summary of the project, and a Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) pin.

During Construction 

Upon approval by the NCA, the construction process begins with officials from the county government, and NCA is expected to conduct regular checks to ensure that the building process is done as per the regulations.

Some of the items inspected include; the presence of a registered contractor, a signboard showing all the approvals, a record of professionals on-site, safety signs, protecting equipment, compliance certificate.

Also checked is the skill set of the workers involved in the construction.

Post Construction

Upon completion of the building, the project developer is expected to obtain a certificate for occupancy from the county government before people can start occupying the building.

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