May 24, 2024

Headteachers Propose Punitive Laws Ahead of Schools Reopening

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Headteachers Propose Punitive Laws Targeting Both Parents and Students Ahead of Schools Reopening on April 25.

During their annual meeting in Mombasa on Monday, April 18, school leaders urged the adoption of a new rule that would see parents of indiscipline students pay millions in damages during unrest.

Headteachers are now proposing that rules be reviewed so that students found guilty of organizing strikes in schools be held individually responsible rather than facing a blanket punishment.

“In my view, we shouldn’t punish everybody because some of the children are innocent; the plan might have been hatched by a few people. If this is the case, when we charge everybody we end up punishing the children and their parents,” Kenya Secondary Heads Association (KSSHA) chair Indimuli Kahi opined. 

The school leaders also rekindled calls for drug testing to be made mandatory in classrooms.

The idea, which has been shelved several times, aims to address increased occurrences of drug and substance usage among students, which has been highlighted as one of the causes of dissatisfaction in educational institutions, according to headteachers.

“There would be a need for rules to be enacted that would give a correct legal way of doing the testing so that we parents and schools can get informed of any instances of drug abuse among students.

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Headteachers Propose Punitive Laws

In addition, school administrators are proposing that the law be reviewed in order to restore corporal punishment in the classroom.

When it came to the abolition of boarding schools, Kahi was adamant that it would not be the answer to the persistent occurrences of discontent.

According to Kahi, boarding schools have established a tradition and an accepted standard in Kenya, and he has urged for new steps to make institutions more hospitable.

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