June 14, 2024

Hon Raila Odinga only Needs 6% of Mt Kenya Votes to Enter State House, Jeremiah Kioni

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Hon Raila Odinga only Needs 6% of Mt Kenya Votes to Enter State House, Jubilee Party Secretary-General Jeremiah Kioni.

Jeremiah Kioni, the Secretary General of the Jubilee Party, has promised the Azimio la Umoja Alliance that Raila Odinga, the party’s presidential candidate, will win the country’s top seat in the August 9 General Elections.

On Sunday, March 20, Kioni stated that the former premier only needed 6% of the vote in the Mt Kenya region to win the presidency.

“Let me tell you this, this thing is over. Raila Odinga, in 2007 got 44% of Kenyan votes, in 2013 he also got 44% and again in 2017, he got 44%. Now he only needs 6+1% to enter State House,” said Kioni. 

The Ndaragwa MP declared victory for the coalition, based on the fact that Odinga’s popularity in Central Kenya is rising. 

Hon Raila Odinga popularity in Mt Kenya 

He claimed that already 10% of the region votes are in Azimio’s basket, adding that a simple summation gives Odinga victory over his rival, Deputy President and United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party presidential candidate William Ruto. 

“If you take 10% of the Mt Kenya votes, which he has already garnered, plus the 44%, Raila is already in the State House ,” the MP argued. 

A number of recent polls have been showing Raila’s popularity in the Mt Kenya region is rising as the 2022 General Elections draw near. 

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